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Saint Leonard & Special Guest

Saint Leonard & Special Guest

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>> Saint Leonard (Uk)

Opened for The Strokes, collaborates with The Horrors, currently recording at Paul Epworth's church, toured the world with The Libertines, got fucked up in Big Sur with Father John Misty, played a secret London show with Dave Grohl, opened for Bob Dylan, had a piece of the Dalai Lama's birthday cake with Patti Smith, played Victoria park with Nick Cave, performed acoustically in maximum security prisons with Billy Bragg, currently writing with Fat White Family and friends with everyone, recorded his last album at Stanley Kubrick's gaff, sometimes spotted hanging with Tyler the creator at pool parties, did something unknown to me and you with Kanye West and he has the rarest blood type in the world… Rhesus D Negative.

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22-04-2023 de 20:00 à 23:00

  • Sur place : 11 EUR