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Chain of Flowers • Coeval • Arainbow

Chain of Flowers • Coeval • Arainbow

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Cette soirée plaira aux fans de... Iceage, Diiv & Drab Majesty

(Dream rock - Londres, UK)
Chain of Flowers is back in a big way, returning with their long-awaited and quickly acclaimed sophomore LP, 'Never Ending Space,' via London label ALTER. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco at Total Refreshment Centre, London, this record presents the band in a scintillating new light.
'Never Ending Space' has propelled the band into a new, sophisticated yet expansive realm of sound, building out their once-signature shoegaze-punk pummel with a deeper, more considered but just as brooding neu-wave-pop palette.
Formed in Cardiff, their eponymous 2015 debut received considerable acclaim and an unusual amount of media attention, given the band's means of operation. The record's positive reception kept the band busy on either side of the Atlantic, packing out rooms from Cardiff to Berlin to Los Angeles. Along the way, they were invited to tour with the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Fall, The Chameleons, Nothing, and Ceremony.
Chain of Flowers returned to the road in 2023, swirling across Europe with a freshly charged dancefloor sensibility. They will continue this in 2024 with an exclusive performance at Wave Gotik Treffen.

COEVAL (21h00)
(Post punk - Le Turc Mécanique - Londres, UK)
Formed in London over a shared love for acts spanning across anything from the Velvet Underground, the Australian punk revival scene by way of The Fall, COEVAL deliver a nervous yet sometimes hypnotic sound. Explosive guitars, airtight bass lines combined with haunted vocals gravitate around electronic drums where more contemporary influences meet. Following a debut modestly named “EP”, they have just released their first full length LP “COEVAL”, out on Le Turc Mecanique.
Les 3 influences : Velvet Underground, The Fall, Total Control

ARAINBOW (20h00)
(Shoegaze - Île de France, FR)
Un murmure, une averse, une transe... Heavy et planant, Arainbow sonne comme la pluie sur un champ de bataille, celle qui enveloppe et régénère. Un voyage intime, accidenté, écorché et contemplatif, qui traverse déserts et tempêtes, pour conduire doucement vers la lumière.Une prière déposée dans le creux de ton oreille, en français et en anglais, entre shoegaze, dark folk,psyché, à la croisée des terres brumeuses et hantées d'Archive, Pink Floyd, Matt Eliott, Wovenhand ou Deftones..
Les 3 influences : Radiohead, Chokebore, Matt Eliott
Jeudi 16 Mai 2024
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