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Pablo López – Europa Tour

Pablo López – Europa Tour

Pablo López vous donne rendez-vous le dimanche 10 novembre 2024 à 20h au Pan Piper !

From November 3th to 10th 2024, Pablo López will visit the most representative concert halls of Europe in an intimate tour in which he will review his extensive discography and will show us the preview of his new album.

The audience and his fans will be able of enjoying of one of the best live performances in the country, with a delicate and exquisite technical and artistic staging.
During the months of July and August the artist from Málaga will be on tour in the main summer festivals and will finish the year in Europe and Latin America, while combining it with different TV projects.

Pablo López doesn’t stop. He has just finished his successful 2023 tour in Spain and Latin America.
Pablo, who plays the piano with such a sensitivity and wisdom, surprises us with this pleasant news of returning with his band to the stages in 2024, to celebrate his 10th anniversary of music career.

Pablo, creator of immensely and successful discography, with albums like “Once historias y un piano” (2013), “El mundo y los amantes inocentes”(2015), the adventurous “Camino,Fuego y Libertad” (2017) or the cinematic “Unikornio, once millones de versos después de ti” (2020), that have recorded important sales, and have been reflected in tours that provide truly record-breaking data.
In fact, we are in front of the first Spanish artist that has managed to enter the Poll Star list, which measures the worldwide ticket sales.

He has also won important and prestigious awards, such as Ondas in 2021, as “Musical phenomenon
of the year”, thanks to his “Mayday and Stay tour”, and he is a very popular figure in Spain because of his participation as a coach in “La Voz”, in its three different formats (Kids, Adults and Senior),winning in all of the three versions.

An unforgettable experience, full of magic and emotions in all of his shows.You can’t miss it!

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10-11-2024 de 20:00 à 22:30

  • À partir de : : 38.5 EUR

4 Impasse Lamier
75011 Paris